Job Responsibilities
1, customer and manufacturers of data processing and daily contact work;
2, the operation of the company's daily administration (including delivery arrangements, e-mail and fixed supply, etc.);
3, responsible for the company's file management and various documents, data identification and statistical management;
4, responsible for all kinds of business arrangements work;
5, to complete the other to pay the other affairs of the work.

1, college degree or above, business management, international trade, business English related professional;
2, no work experience can be;
3, willing to learn import and export business processes and foreign trade import and export related business;
4, with good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, skilled use of various office software;
5, with a certain degree of administrative knowledge;
6, meticulous work, serious, responsible, with better communication, coordination and implementation of the ability to work at ease, to deal with fast and sensitive.


Recruitment: Sales Assistant
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