Valve Management Program 


– KVAP software program calculates the valve's required force and the actuator's output to determine MARGIN

– KVAP provides platform to satisfy new ASME OM Code for Tracking/Trending program and Functional Margin determination including data transfer with diagnostic systems

Been in use by more than 130 nuclear power plants since 2000

Known for its validated models to predict “valve required force” and plentiful Help screens to guide the user

Comprehensive software program that covers AOV, MOV, Linear valves, Quarter-turn valves 

 Why is KVAP superior to other products?

 Because  The KEI Knowledgebase:

Developers of the EPRI PPM Gate Valve Model
Developers of the EPRI PPM Butterfly Valve Model
Author of EPRI’s AOV Evaluation Guide Revision 1
Owner of proprietary quarterturn coefficients based on flow testing
Developers of the Limitorque structural ratings increase program.
Former AOV and MOV Program Leads from large nuclear fleets on staff
Co-Developer of the BWROG DC Motor Method on staff
Staff comprised of multiple PhD and Masters level engineers
Supporting and solving nuclear plant valve issues since 1978