Valve Preventative Testing


       VOTES® Infinity is a revolutionary, portable, state-of the-art diagnostic system that was developed by Crane Nuclear to dramatically change the way nuclear valve testing is performed.

       The VOTES® Infinity Valve Diagnostic System features 12 input/output ports, each port is capable of accepting a variety of different types of sensor inputs. This flexibility is coupled with Crane Nuclear’s patent-pending ASSIST™ Technology (Automatic Sensor Setup Intelligence for System Transducers).

        ASSIST Technology significantly minimizes the amount of user input required to test a valve, reducing the chance for human error and dramatically reducing the setup time and overall test time.


         VOTES@ Infinity features

                       1. VOTES@ Infinity can be configured to test MOV, AOV and CKV; 

                       2. Nuclear grade valve diagnostic;

                       3. Verify valve’s operating characteristics;

                       4. Refined calculate margin of valve, improve valve performance; 

                       5. Judge valve operability with accident condition, improve valve safety performance

VOTES@ Infinity system consists of

Ø Data Acquisition UnitDAU):12 ports24 Channel;

Ø Note book

Ø Software

Ø Transducers


        VOTES@ Infinity system can diagnose:    ○ MOV      ○ AOV     ○ CKV