Fluids Control Instrument Ltd. was founded in January, 2010 as a subsidiary of Fluids Control Instrument Group (FCI). With headquarters in Taipei, FCI set up branches in Kaohsiung and Shanghai, along with 3 service centers and a calibration laboratory. We provide sales, engineering consulting, testing as well as repairing services on high-end valves and instrumentation to nuclear and industrial market in both China Mainland and Taiwan.

We play as an agency of many famous I&C manufactures such as: BIF, Cameron, Candu Energy, Clampon, Crane Nuclear, Fike, Kalsi Engineering, PCI, Schroedahl, SOR, etc. We have been providing nuclear grade pressure transmitter, venturi tube, Pitot tube, ultrasonic flowmeter, valve diagnostic system and related services to nuclear industry. Our customers include but are not limited to SNERDI, SNPAS, SNPEC, CNPE, NPIC, SMNPC, SDNPC, JNPC, SNPEMC, CNPEC, Daya Bay, RINPO, SNPSC, SNPI and Chengdu Haiguang. Besides, we provide a lot of rupture disks, all kinds of valves and switches to industry as well. FCI keens on promotion of the state-of-the-art technologies in the industry such as valve diagnostic technology, measurement uncertainty recapture power uprates, spent fuel pool level monitoring solution and RCS temperature measurement in nuclear power plants.

FCI understands that our customers require superior quality products and services. To that end, we undertake the rigorous process and maintain the ISO 9001 certification since 2005.

With the help of our service centers and financial support from parent company in Taiwan, we deliver the best sales and service process by keeping our commitment to the customer – we provide world class product, world class service and world class quality; we make the difference!