Crane Nuclear VOTES® Infinity Valve Diagnostic System Crane Nuclear VOTES Infinity Valve Diagnostic System Product advantages: The VOTES® Infinity portable diagnostic system is designed for universal valve testing applications. For Nuclear applications, the equipment components and software programs have been developed under a 10CFR50, Appendix B Quality Assurance Program, and all software programs employ parameters compliant with IEEE 730.
The DAU contains 12 universal ports, each with two channel capability for a total of 24 input channels. With the feature, ASSISTTM, All 12 ports are identical allowing any port to be used for any sensor.
VOTES® Infinity is designed to acquire and analyze data from Motor-Operated Valves (MOV), Air-Operated Valves (AOV), and Check Valves (CV). All valve types include custom report capability, a powerful feature of the VOTES® Infinity system. The user can include valve-specific criteria with each report template, providing an immediate pass/fail determination on-screen.