Cameron LEFM 2010FE External Ultrasonic Flow Meter The Caldon LEFM 2010FE ultrasonic system cost effectively provides reliable feedwater mass flow rate and temperature measurement with accuracy sufficient to support calculation of thermal power for a nuclear power plant. A fixture and transducers (eight per loop) are mounted externally to existing feedwater piping. This eliminates the need for cutting into feedwater lines and the expensive analyses required for changes in plant design. The LEFM 2010FE measures mass feedwater flow to within ± 1.0% and average bulk feedwater temperature to within ± 2℉ (± 1.1℃). The system can be install for temporary usage as well as permanent application such as SEC (Essential Service Water), SRU (ULTIMATE COOLING WATER SYSTEM) and Main Feedwater System measurement as well as calibration for differential pressure flow element. Product advantages: 1. Using LEFM Technology, a well proven Transit Time Principle.
2. Mounted externally to existing pipeline.
3. Mass flow rate within ±1.0%, average bulk temperature within ±2℉ (±1.1℃).
4. On-line verification features high reliability.