Cameron LEFM CheckPlus Ultrasonic Flow Meter Increase plant revenue while improving safety by installing a Cameron LEFM CheckPlus Flowmeter System. Measurement Uncertainty Recapture (MUR) uprates up to 1.7% based on LEFM CheckPlus Systems have been approved by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and other nuclear regulators in over 50 nuclear plants worldwide. The LEFM CheckPlus is the only measurement system approved by the NRC for MUR uprates to 1.7%, which allows for typical payback of equipment costs within months, and of total project costs within 1 to 2 years.

The LEFM CheckPlus system also enhances plant safety by reducing the uncertainty in the calculation of power, thereby reducing the probability that the plant will operate at power levels exceeding those used in the accident analysis. The LEFM CheckPlus safeguards against measurement errors through its unique ability to verify its measurements on-line and continuously – an important consideration of nuclear regulating authorities when approving the uprate concept.
Product advantages: 1. Caldon’s 40+ years of experience in the nuclear industry which proves the reliability of LEFM technology.
2. Continuous, on-line diagnostics improve safety and minimize likelihood of over-power operation potentials which caused by using the legacy orifice plate or venturi tube in main feedwater measurement.
3. Helps calculating the true thermal power of nuclear power plant by calibrating the legacy orifice plate or venturi tube on-line.
4. Supports MUR Power Uprates up to 1.7% - representing millions of dollars per year in additional revenue, which is the only choice of MUR Power Uprates approved by USNRC.