Cameron LEFM Flow Watch V4 Ultrasonic Flow Meter A four-path ultrasonic meter which deliver +/-0.5% calibrated accuracy in a relatively broad range of installation locations (uncalibrated accuracies in the range of +/-0.75%) Product advantages: 1. Using LEFM Technology, a well-proved Transit Time Measurement Principle
2. Passed radiation, seismic, and EMC test which is required for the 3rd generation nuclear power plant – AP1000 and EPR
3. General Purpose monitoring of flows in small lines (2 to12” or 5 to 30cm) throughout the plant, including:
a. Service water flows
b. Reactor coolant pump seal flows
c. Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS) flows (HP and LP injection flows)
d. Reactor plant makeup and letdown flows
e. Steam plant makeup and letdown flows (vacuum drag and condensate flows)
f. Control Rod Drive Mechanism (CRDM) flows (BWRs)
g. Steam Blowdown (BDS) Flow (after heat exchangers)
h. Sump Discharge (WLS)
i. Boric Acid
j. Demineralized Water (CVS)